Museum of the Water Tower and the Danube

Idea description:

The aim of our proposal is to integrate a part of the national cultural heritage – the Water Tower – in the functional life of Bratislava and restore its ability to be part of it again. Only then it can pass on its layered cultural values. Reconstruction of two main objects in the original historical shape, but with the current materials – blocks of cast glass – will bring vertical emphasis, as well as a placard towering over the newly created raised pedestrianized square – the core of the new Vydrica. The most valuable parts of the historical construction will be protected under the square along with the museum exposition: The City and the Danube River. A covered interior space will become a living cultural center through multipurpose halls, and social and exposure areas at several levels, presenting also the Water Tower at its original site, which has, in the meantime, become the very center of Bratislava.

  • Author: fischers, a. s.
  • Dušan Fischer, Ján Jacko, Miro Beňadik. vizualizácie: Erika Hrivíková