New PKO – Culture and Recreation Vessel

Idea description:

The situation with the PKO building is well-known. There has been a lot of discussion about demolishing or keeping it. Our society perceives the entire situation negatively. This proposal does not answer the questions regarding the potential demolition of PKO, or whether it would be good or bad. It intends to be a suggestion for discussion on the possible future identity of PKO. What if we “moved” the discussion about renovating the present or building a new PKO in another place to the water? How about creating a new PKO as a Culture and Recreation Vessel? The new PKO could represent modern architecture combining the tradition of the Slovak shipbuilding industry, of the modern Slovak culture with the tradition of the Bratislava river bank. PKO does not have to be active only in one location. It might move, activating the river bank on both sides of the river Danube. PKO could thus spread energy all along the Danube, selecting the best location for each event and taking into account also the accessibility, transportation, and contact with the dry land. Besides, it may move as a Danube vessel not only around Bratislava, but also all over the Danube region. PKO may become a flagship of Bratislava, and even of the entire Slovakia.