Parking house in Limbová, Kramáre

Idea description:

The backbone of the Kramare district, the Limbova and Stromova streets, are regularly overloaded with traffic. The combination of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, bus stops, ambulances and visitors looking for parking or trying to get out of the parking area causes dangerous situations. There are some 35 angled, and a few parallel, places in front of the hospital; if these are taken, the passengers are forced to find alternative ways to park their cars. Therefore, we propose to build a parking garage in the area.

For this purpose, we consider the grassed triangular plot, with tall trees, on the south-bound slope between Limbova street and the emergency entrance, to be appropriate. The slope gradient, its orientation and location are ideal for building a parking garage. The building will respect the surrounding environment. As regards Limbova street, the building will not exceed the height of the remaining trees and will not overshadow the existing park. Depending on the demand, the garage will offer parking places for 132 to 236 vehicles.