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Idea description:

The New Bridge foreland cluster is optimized for the
conditions of a quick and simple traffic connection. At the same time, it’s a necessary
extension of Hviezdoslavovo Square space, though their spatial and organizational characters are
totally different. The open green and pedestrian, romantically urban premises shall turn onto a
sub-space, a traffic space; an urban space, without which the Bratislava city would still be a
village. However, there are public premises hidden behind drive-up ramp arms, the vicinity and
centre-ship of which cannot be ignored. The New Bridge cluster of premises are not ultimate;
they’re inter-connecting.
We don‘t consider these premises an ending of public premises, but a part of it and its extension,
a joint of potential pedestrian targets. Currently, we can trace and, if willing enough, use some
inter-connections between the castle, Židovská Street and Vydrica, however, they lack the elegance,
arrogance and efficiency of the New Bridge traffic cluster, which covers, crosses and deforms the routes. A reformulation of these routes and
their physical manifestations in the form of structures clinging parasitically onto the existing
bridge decks is not only aimed at recovering interrupted routes, but also at extending the
Hviezdoslavovo Square public premises towards the Bridge and Sad Janka Kráľa, Vydrica or the castle
hill. This way of thinking is aimed at developing conditions, under which not only physical, but
also mental direct connections between the castle and the “au”park (au = yipe, translator’s note)
or between Hviezdko and Vydrica can be created.
Thanks to newly added ramp and pavement clusters optimized for pedestrian movement, the New Bridge
shall become the missing bridge for pedestrians.

  • Author: n/a
  • Benjamín Brádňanský, Víto Halada, collaboration: Michal Lošonský, Ján Ptačin