Židovská Street

  • Zidovska Street
  • Zidovska Street
  • Zidovska Street

Idea description:

The problems related to Staromestská and Židovská Streets persists and the discussions related to them are still ongoing. A wide encompassing solution to this problem is surely far away and will require further time consuming preparation. We would like to focus on the near future and our proposal is just an attempt to resolve the main problem of Židovská Street – the conflict between pedestrians and cars. The everyday reality is a mass of tourists looking for the castle or speedy students moving between two important bus stops struggling through the cars.
We therefore propose to extend the pavement above Staromestská Street by means of a single steel structure anchored into the original wall overlapped by a wooden grid. The pavement will temporarily resolve the Židovská Street problem, offer other views of St. Martin’s Church and make the street less “isolated”.

  • Author: Vallo Sadovsky Architects
  • Matúš Vallo, Oliver Sadovský, Matúš Droberjár, Braňo Husárik
  • www.vallosadovsky.sk