BA for Aliens

Bratislava welcomes newcomers

Idea description:


Bratislava / Pressburg / Pozsony has always been a multicultural city. Despite that immigrants today face a lack of information on the city’s functioning, what their duties are, and to find their way to public services such as hospitals, police departments and public admi-nistration.

Solution 1 for newcomers

We propose to the municipality of Bratislava to create a simple subpage on the main website, that will be especially dedicated to help foreigners to find their way in Bratislava.

Solution 2

better accessibility of Alien Police

With city of Bratislava and Department of Alien Police we would like to seek opportunities for improving its accessibility for foreigners.

  • Author: [fjúžn] festival
  • Illah van Oijen, Laco Oravec, Martin Brix, Jakub Ptačin