Invite the bees, butterflies and other pollinators to the city

Idea description:

The city is full of abandoned green areas with low biodiversity and areas that could be green – areas that could serve as shelter for pollinators.

Bees, butterflies and bumble bees help flowering plants reproduce and are responsible for every third bite we put into our mouths.

However, pollinators are declining due to chemicals, climate change and loss of habitat. Suitable areas in the city could become their home.

Beehives placed on green roofs or in remote corners of parks and gardens are one of the alternatives for those residents who want to be in daily contact with nature while providing a meaningful hobby.

Insect hotels provide shelter for pollinators and useful insects without the need to care for them. Their shapes and sizes are open to the imagination and they could become impressive works of art even in the busy green areas.

Butterfly flower beds can make the city nicer and increase the number of flowers.