Idea description:

1) Transformation of imaginary cycles of people into substance,

2) Perforation of substance,

3) Work with the shape of substance,

4) Connection of object to its surrounding,

5) Activation of surrounding,

6) Revitalization of waterfront.

Uncomfortable waiting for the bus, the lack of amenities in the area, wide road separating the city from the river, inaccessible waterfront, dilapidated park and many other features characteristic for this area. The issues listed above were the impetus for change. First, I needed to figure out a group of people whom the new project will serve so that the place finds the man and the man finds the place. Young artists from extramural area and new future residents of the Vydrica complex of buildings are in close relation to the territory where they are offered a new background based on their needs. By transforming these three cycles of people into substance, the basic volume of the building is formed. It is then formed by features of the area, due to connection and communication to the city and water. The Danube River is an inherent part of Bratislava. It did not remain only behind a wide road, but became part of the city through interconnection. Wharfs, walkway by the water, pontoons, landing places create a recreational and commercial area on the water. Active waiting area is located under the bridge. You can spend the waiting for the bus by playing various games on a larger scale. Amenities under the bridge and in the new building fill a gap absent in this area. Passive waiting zones are characterized by cafes, slowfood, “waiting beach” and green areas.