Wooden Bridge

  • Wooden Bridge
  • Wooden Bridge
  • Wooden Bridge

Idea description:

A new pedestrian bridge above Staromestská Street. A new trail of the pedestrian route leading from the city towards the castle hill. The romantic Rudnayovo
Square, a walk behind St. Martin‘s Dome, a sight into ancient Kapitulská Street, a stairway (a lift) up to the city walls and a wooden bridge to open at the Dom dobrého pastiera in Židovská Street will replace the desolate dirty sprayed sub-way under the New Bridge
stuck with billboards and with its steep stairway on
one side and the Holocaust Memorial on the other
side. The wooden bridge is deemed as a temporary
object to be used instead of the existing sub-way,
which will be even less usable during the Vydrica
construction, and unless Staromestská Street is ab-
sorbed by the expected development project.
The bridge designed as a wooden lattice-work is
inspired by the city wall bay and it has the character
of a temporary fortification building. The lattice
beams enable Staromestská Street to be bridged
without pillars placed into the road. The structure as
such could be assembled directly on the spot from
prefabricated parts by means of mobile cranes in
order to avoid limiting the traffic at this junction.
The implementation of the project would require
an intervention in the supporting wall, a concrete
handrail at the side of the castle hill and an inter-
vention in the walls and their stairway on the city
side. A lift for disabled persons would be placed at
the stairway, making the whole route barrier free.
The barrier free entrance on the promenade of the
city castle system would be thus resolved too.

  • Author: Ilja Skocek, Rado Zelik
  • Ilja Skocek, Rado Zelik