Danube mall*o

Idea description:

The Danube pier is a concept for the development of the Stary Most bridge, currently being re-built, which would be supplied with benches in place of former pillars. This would create a large-capacity space over the bridge structure, providing spectacular views in all directions. Such unique views should be offered to the general public of Bratislava, and provide space to meet and space for recreation and entertainment. Moreover, such a space would represent a sharp contrast with those developers’ projects that aim at appropriating the best views of our town for their selected clientele.

Mall*O – (Eng. shopping mall) ironically reflects the spirit of our times.

The authors use a play on words taking advantage of the sound of the Slovak expression “molo” meaning pier, jetty, etc. and the English near homophone “mall”.

  • Author: arttek
  • Ing. arch. Juraj Stahl, Ing. Tomáš Lukáč
  • www.arttek.sk