Green arteries of Bratislava

Idea description:

Tree alleys

Nowadays, the main roads of Bratislava are full of billboards, old, dying greenery and dry grass. What about planting kilometers of plane tree alleys along those main roads? The trees are able to absorb huge quantities of dust and noise. In summer, they could offer pleasant shade, cooling down all the overheated town. They could produce tons of oxygen where there now is heavy air pollution because of car traffic. If tall-trunk trees are used, whose branches start from a height of 3.5 m, it would not be necessary to deform the trees later in order to give way to cars, and the trees will have beautiful natural tops. Plane trees are resistant to pollution, salt, cutting and diseases. This decision would also contribute to the on-going realization of the concept of alleys along the Danube river.


Can you imagine the ordinary grass, planted in narrow lines along the streets, tramway tracks, at parking lots or other neglected areas, changing into a rich and varied mixture of flowering plants? It is sufficient to cut them twice a year. They produce much more oxygen, absorb more dust and noise and are considerably more varied, colorful and aesthetic than the common grass. There is simply much more to look at!

Green trams

It is, of course, nice to have grassed tramway tracks lined with juicy, green grass. But you need automatic watering systems, which means large quantities of water, fertilizers, insecticides and regular mowing. Maintenance is demanding. A solution would be to have an extensive mixture of xerophilous plants, which are often used for green roofs, instead. They do not need mowing, watering or fertilizers. And the maintenance? It is almost unnecessary given that the special soil mixture hardly allows for anything else to grow there!