• BCS 20

Idea description:

“There was an amphitheatre standing in my city. On the 5th of May, 2007, it disappeared and the city swimming pool disappeared too. The city had tools, i.e. an investor, by which matters could have been returned back to their original state with space for citizens alongside private activities. However, the attempt was broken down at the municipal level, in- dividual members of which preferred their personal interests before the public ones! …and this is the way of doing things in perhaps each Slovak town. Are we now like them, is this time like that?!” The future of open amphitheatres is a current issue to be solved by the majority of Slovak towns starting with the capital city. The potential of a local amphitheatre area on an axis relating to the city centre presents us with a question of its revitaliza- tion – redefinition. We are opening a space for thinking of multi- spectral genres and forms, possibly an overly strong relation to a particular place. There have been plenty of forms existent in Bratislava, but each of their material versions have ceased to existing or are predetermined for to cease existing. The amphitheatre is not only considered a social platform being worthy of „another breath“. It represents the tradition and strategy of framing a confrontational dialog of current art expres- sion / fictional symphony of every day life‘s impulses.

28. 04. 2008
The amphitheatre in Bratislava‘s Horský park was burning. Flames reach the main building with the stage.
*BCS – Bratislava Cultural Summer

  • Author: bartko&bartko
  • Laco Bartko, Tomáš Bartko