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Idea description:

Unkempt “green” islands at crossings and exposed residual green areas near roads provide space for the implementation of our city intervention. The
problems of these “green” islands at crossings and to residual green areas are caused by a lack of maintenance, inoperability and a totally inappropriate image. Our project is not bound only to the location, it can be applied everywhere. The Račianske mýto premises shall be used as a model for presenting the concept. The philosophy behind our city intervention is to create a non-conventional form of presentation and to contribute to the increase in quality of the cities public premises by connecting living nature and commercial advertisements through landscape gardening in the shape of company’s logos,
names or products. The live advertisement consists of a plastic “flower pot“ (billboard), out of which plants of required shapes grow representing the live basis of the advertisement. The types of gardening are pro- posed in accordance with the investor’s marketing strategy, dimensions of the space, season, duration of the presentation and required effect of the advertisement. According to these parameters the nature of the advertisement and the effects of the advertisement surface will be changing with the conse- quently affected nature of the public premises. For creating the required effect we will use herbal plants first of all (annuals, biennial plants, bulbs, perennials) or short crawling soil-covering trees.

  • Author: nice architects
  • Monika Šubová, Tomáš Žáček, collaboration (model): Taťjana Žáčková, Andrej Lachmann