Bratislava 2015. Active Urban Networks

Idea description:

Changing energy has been felt in Bratislava for the last decade, and even more in recent years. Externally, it is manifested for example by lots of cafes, urban-style centers (with coffee accompanied by an occasional lecture, debate, or an event on urban theme), markets, occupying not only marketplaces but also streets and community gardens, professional debates and events on the urban, architectural, urbanism-like topics and the emergence of new projects, civil organizations and initiatives.

It seems to me that at least once a week my Facebook invites me to like a new initiative or a community that wants to improve something in Bratislava.

My urban intervention is simple – I offer a list of committed, active, formal and informal NGOs, initiatives, platforms, events, centers, and information portals or media that are (even in 2015) actively involved in the positive development of Bratislava, architecture, urban planning, or, where appropriate, community life. The list intentionally does not include public, national organizations, and the local government.

The selection criteria are as follows:

1. Involvement

2. Activism

3. Positive urban development

4. Public interest

I don’t believe anything will ever change for the better. It is because I don’t believe in passive voice. There is always someone behind every change. A person, group, or organization. And if we want to improve something in the city, we come across an old saying – unity is strength, or multiple heads are better than one. Similarly, I believe that only a strong civil society is able to resist, to balance political benevolence and non-culture, which is still widely present in our region.

Simply, you have to know the critical mass, human capital of the city. I do hope that this list will help you in searching for an ally, interesting partner or new projects developing Bratislava.

  • Author: Ing. Milota Sidorová, PhD.
  • Konzultačný team: Ing. arch. Zuzana Krivošová, PhD., Mgr. art. Zuzana Žúžiová, PhD.,  Mgr. art. Dominika Belanská, Ing. arch. Zora Paulíniová, Ing. arch. Elena Šoltésová, PhD.,  Mgr. art. Martin Šichman, Illah van Oijen, Mgr. art. Denisa Chylová, Mgr. Tomáš Peciar,  Ing. arch. Martina Kalúsová, Mgr. Michala Hrnčiarová, Mgr. Zoja Droppová