Activate ME-tna

Idea description:

The junction of Mytna and Vazovova streets is a broad traffic area (a lot of space for turning, and an empty island area in the middle), dominated by the scale and vibrations of car traffic. Despite a lack of pedestrian crossings, people traverse the intersection of the two streets in a dangerous manner, threatening themselves as well as car drivers. Transformation of the intersection into a shared space would significantly improve the user comfort. We propose to create pedestrian crossings at natural points of crossing for the intersection, which would be raised to the level of the sidewalks; this would help to slow down traffic in the area. This constriction of the upper part will create room for a micro-park with permeable surfaces, rain gardens, new greenery and shade. This small park could also serve visitors of the health center who lack the opportunity to escape from the hospital environment, and students who congregate at the nearby dormitory. These changes can serve to turn both streets into a livelier and more pleasant environment.