EXTREMENT Program for Bratislava

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Idea description:

The city intervention proposes a social environmental program pointing out a utilitarian problem, which aff ects us directly and is also willy-nilly affected by us. Its intent is to run a discussion and to awaken one’s interest in public city premises by means of performances. An experiment which describes us in an extreme manner.

The problem, which our society considers peripheral, insignifi cant and funny and which is regularly mentioned in municipal newspapers, is disapprovingly referred to as „dog owners“. But the problem is wider – sociological, environmental, global, stigmatized by the years of gambling with the importance of urban premises and by apathy for every collectively owned and public issue. The Status quo generating cultural immaturity, ignorance and indiff erence is a result of zero responsibility for oneself and for the environment. Roads, pavements, the city greens,
playgrounds, suburbs, the whole country is covered in cigarette ends, dog and human excrements, cans, bottles, scraps…The environmental way of thinking and cultural communication are not naturally part of our nation, so any administrative eff orts aimed at changing the behaviour of the majority through generally binding decrees, resolutions, acts and notices bring almost zero eff ect and are widely ignored without consistent control.

The AK2 proposes an intervention in form of performance titled the EXTREMENT PROGRAM for Bratislava aimed at highlighting the problem in unconventional manner, at swirling the still waters of public opinion and starting discussion. The EXTREMENT laboratory shall place signal cones right at polluted points, which will indicate and the problem and make it clearly visible, which can‘t be seen at fi rst sight and the smell of which can‘t be stood by anybody. EXTREMENT’s ambition is to diagnose public premises, to draw their pollution to attention and consequently their moral and material purifi cation. A temporary installation of mobile cells – EXTREMENT BOXes in public city premises shall search out and fi x contaminated places. The EXTREMENT BOXes could also be used as “Front Office”, a mobile toilet or a snack bar. The extreme experiment representing a fi ght against excrements and dirt is, in fact, of zero costs; it can be implemented at minimum resources. The EXTREMENT program is trying to answer the question; to what extent does the pollution rate relate to the social status of the inhabitants of such places. To what extent do inhumane urban premises generate an antisocial attitude. We want to invoke a reaction. Any reaction. We want to point out a problem, which is beyond anybody’s interest, unless they put their foot in it…

As reported…
Up to 1,650 dog owners became subject to Bratislava‘ s municipal police patrol controls over fi ve days. The raid against dog owners was mainly focused on checking adherence to regulations on cleanness and tidiness and on checking dog registrations.

“The largest number of off ences – up to 248 – were related to un-removed dog excrement. 112 findings were related to disobeying prohibitions on the free roaming of dogs and eight owners of these four-legged pets had somehow forgotten to pay the dog tax”.
Peter Pleva, spokesman for the municipal police
„An exhibition by controversial photographer Andres Serran, started in New York yesterday. Pictures with beautifully coloured backgrounds include various objects perhaps reminiscent of choco pieces, or, as was said by the Gallery Director, beautiful horizons. However, the detailed photos focus on human and animal excrement. Literally and simply put: shit.
03. 9. 2008; REUTERS Agency