Revitalizing the Devin Amphitheatre, Slovanské nábrežie, Bratislava-Devín

Idea description:

The concept shows an object absorbed into its natural surroundings creating a protruding shell in the form of a vertical garden. The landscape would be tailored to the needs of the audience seating by inserting wooden benches in decaying geometry so that the slope is the least visually impairing. The object would be accompanied by a barrier-less ramp. The concept contemplating the use of the property as non-stop restaurant and café, with the possibility of organizing cultural and social events, not only within the object but also outdoors as a natural theater. We have opened the object up in the parterre to the exterior event to extended the interior to the extended terrace to the promenade and over the promenade on the second floor.

  • Author: Puzzlebox
  • Ing. arch. Monika Stábová, Ing. arch. Vladimír Sekera