Fuck Arbour, Vivat Loggia!

  • Fuck Arbour, Vivat Loggia
  • Fuck Arbour, Vivat Loggia
  • Fuck Arbour, Vivat Loggia

Idea description:

Public city premises are live organisms, the existences of which are determined by momentary lifestyles, urban behaviour, political, social and
economic relations. Nostalgic scenery of squares and of outdoor city
spaces were always full of aggressiveness, voyeurism, beauty…, today also of brands, enthusiasm, sport, youth… The city centre should therefore not be filled
with trash, replicas, gaudiness and datedness. Instead of old men, old junk, old-timers and communists we should fi ll the city with our presence
Loggias are places of meeting people protected from the sun, from view, from the weather, places to expose oneself to the sun, to views and to the breeze; we had columns there, porticos, loggias from antiquity, the renaissance, mediterranean times…, labyrinths, structures, windows, walls and roofs
Hviezdoslavovo square is bratislava’s window, from which we look at the world coming and the window, through which the world looks at us. Let’s enlarge this space with an inter-space, let’s add a dimension of loggia, a structure between the world and us, the presence and our ambitions, technologies and enthusiasm
Let’s create fashionable fl uid loggias! The proposed “complication” replacing/competing with trash arbours is representative of temporary/contemporary architecture generated upon diagrams and parameters of the place, activities and features. The fl uid form of the structure was formed by a 3D printer, constructed by soft ware and implemented by students of architecture as a workshop

  • Author: iva
  • Vaško, Gsandtner, Hodulík, Šajgalíková
  • vasko@vsvu.sk