Liberty square

Idea description:

The concept is of a new 21st century park area so that the essential park function of urban greenery will be supplemented by a relax-and-stay public green area, usable throughout the year with cultural and social functions enabled through new technologies. These would be integrated into the park design on the one hand, by oval “footprints”, and on the other hand, by the direct projection of visual images (art, movies, presentations, advertising, etc.) on the facades of three buildings (excluding the Government Building). As these facilities are used during the day, this could be carried out in the evening and at weekends. The oval “footprints” would be walkable, with projection of visual images onto the bottom, which would allow the presentation of different kinds of arts and provide timely information about the city life. In summer, it could be a stage for gigs or theatrical performances (e.g. within the Cultural Summer event). There would be some sculptural objects and solitaires installed in the park, permanently or temporarily, during the Sculpture and Object event. The park would be illuminated with color scenes in the evening.