Set It Free!

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  • Set It Free
  • Set It Free
  • Set It Free

Idea description:


The public green area in Uršulínska Street, in the
Staré mesto, is not utilized by the public. The small park with its tradition, originally the
garden of the Franciscan Monastery and relatively recently con- verted to a green playground, now
looks like a well kept and idyllically designed small park with new trees, a romantic well,
benches, new waste baskets, concrete pavements and a forged pseudo historical fence, which
surrounds the park completely. Surely, this was not cheap. But we have a problem here; or even a
mystery, or maybe specific provocation from the developer of an underground parking space hid- den
under the park? Its two fairly forged entrance gates are permanently locked to the public and
secured by a heavy metal chain. Just like in a story. The enchanted mystery is waiting for its
saviour with a magic key.
How many green areas are in the old city? Enough? Enough for what? May we waste the greenery? In
what city can we live well? Is the public a city’s friend? Who is more beloved by the city?
It is perhaps not necessary to remove the expen- sive fence, as we have done in poetic
But definitely – open the gates!

  • Author: Ľubica Hustá
  • visualization: Tomáš Tokarčík