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Idea description:

Socialized, self-controlled, under-bridge space,
There is an idle, unmonitored space located under the New Bridge on the Petržalka side touching the park of Sad Janka Kráľa and the rear entrance into the Incheba exposition area. However, its “roof” – the bridge deck – makes it predestined to be used for urban purposes. I also think that the designers had the same idea, by locating a lighting rack on the bridge deck ceiling. Repairing and getting these lights operational should be enough to provide light. Bratislava is still lacking a public skating park – a pool – a jam, at which daily skateboarding aft er school hours or for various competitions in city sports might be held. I believe that the above mentioned space under the bridge is suitable enough for this purpose. Our intent is: to build a concrete oval hole under the bridge with stands – steps on a surface of support fi lling. No board is even required. See the figure for more information.