On the Shadow of the Building of the Century

  • On the Shadow of the Building of the Century
  • On the Shadow of the Building of the Century

Idea description:

We will focus on the bus terminal station under the New Bridge. The environment shadowed by the Building of the Century is a pulsating point of the
turbulent movement of both arriving and departing inhabitants from the near and more distant Bratislava city sections. Such a number of people are logically attracted underneath the beautiful arches of the bridge bodies snack bar, pub, tobacco shop and public toilet facilities – all humane institutions. However, their allocation, design and relation to the bridge construction is absolutely undignified. A little would be enough. To uniform the scattered kiosks and strange structures into a compact multipurpose object, the design of which would communicate with the amusing “ufo“ of the panoramatic cafe and open up a view to the castle hill with the reconstructed Vydrica for visitors in the coffee house. The concrete basis of the walls made of architectural concrete is beautiful. If they are really so attractive for street artists, why not let them present their art – graffiti; they could be, from the floor up to the ceiling, an alive canvas of this style, so interesting from the graphic point of view.

  • Author: PMArchitekti
  • Peter Moravčík