Park&Ride Bratislava

Idea description:

Let´s compare PARK & RIDE car parks connected to public transport in European cities: Vienna 8 400, Prague 5 600, Berlin 27 200, Bratislava 0. Something’s wrong. The concept of linking PARK & RIDE car parks to public transport helps to relieve the city of heavy traffic; it is therefore appropriate to think about how the capital city of Bratislava could benefit from it. Ambitious plans to build a subway in Bratislava began in the 1970´s and ended upon termination of the contract that was signed in 1992. It turns out that Bratislava could handle a PARK & RIDE system even without having a subway. There is a dense rail network in our city and the neighborhood, which, after minor modifications and treatments to certain sections, could be used as the relevant form of public transport. There are three routes that could be used as a basis for this network, which would link Stupava and Ivanka in the A line, Pezinok and Samorin in the B line and, finally, Ivanka and Cunovo in the C line, with the lines meeting at the three interchange points of Vinohrady, Ivanka and Ruzinov. This would create a basic transport network with links to the tram, trolleybus and bus public transport systems. In the near future, the existing highway network will be complemented by the routes D4 and R7 with a view to full interconnection with the D1 highway to Kosice and D2 to Prague and links to Austria and Hungary.

  • Author: BOGÁR KRÁLIK URBAN atélier architektúry a designu
  • Michal Bogár, Ľubomír Králik, Ľudovít Urban spolupráca: Martin Nagy, Alžbeta Laurincová, Tomáš Molnár