Idea description:

THE MOST bridges Bratislava with other developed metropolises.

People are essential to the city life. THE MOST provides free time opportunities supporting the town spirit and bringing economic growth. Thus, the town will move into a position of leadership in responsible social development.

The goal of the project is to revitalize the area under the SNP bridge. It means to show, link and encourage local art, fashion and product design, gastronomy, community, urban activities, human potential, etc. To offer a space for life in Bratislava to each of us.


DESIGN… local fashion, product design, independent brands

GASTRONOMY… local and seasonal farmer products

GALLERY… space for contemporary visual art

EDUCATION…exchanges, workshops

MUSIC, DANCE, THEATER… interdisciplinary crossovers

CITY PLAYGROUND… safe green space for families with children

COLLABORATION… innovative start-ups, creative studios, community networking

THE MOST … of Bratislava

(The authors use a play on words with the meaning of the word “most” in English and Slovak [“most” means a bridge in the latter], combining both into the project’s name which is intentionally bilingual.)

  • Author: Kleinert Architecture & Design
  • MgA. Oliver Kleinert, Ing. arch. Alexandra Mitlíková, (prezent Bc. Katarína Šoltýová)