Lively non-space

Idea description:

Vacant lot.

Space – non-space.

An empty, abandoned, ‘cancelled‘, a trench covered with sheet metal fence pasted with billboards and graffiti scrawls, sometimes used as parking or dump. It is a shame, for it could be more. Even more than the house. It could become space for activities that cannot find their place elsewhere. Activities of civil associations, cultural organizations, activists and ordinary citizens taking place on the periphery, hidden away, unnoticed. Many/most people can not afford to pay high rents in the city centre. In contrast, the city is full of empty vacant lots, which, despite their potential,  are growing weed. The Inner block Citizens’ Initiative decided to map these areas out and show their potential in the public space. Our aim is to show part of an endless array of possibilities of their use on the example of a vacant lot at Zupne square and start a discussion between the owners, city, activists and citizens, which could lead to an agreement on the temporary use of these interesting and valuable spaces. They could thus become a public platform for cultural, cultivation, sport, leisure, education… activities that would bring natural life and the dynamics to the city centre.