T.S. Tree Shield

Idea description:

After the significant changes which have occurred in Bratislava in recent years we are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of green spaces. Therefore, it is important to maintain the existing greenery for living a full life in the city.

T. S. Protectors protect trees from the effects of the urban environment (dogs, mechanical damage by mowing and cars). The design will be installed at the bottom of the trunk and its technical solution will ensure a sufficient supply of moisture, light and air.

We are proposing o use recycled plastics in different colors for the cumulated effect. The usability of T. S. protectors is suitable within urban parks, busy recreational areas, etc.

  • Author: do-design, s.r.o.
  • Ing. Jozef Hrabina, Mgr. Sabina Hrabinová
  • www.do-design.sk