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Idea description:

Regarding the proposed reconstruction of the Ondrej Nepela Winter Stadium a larger number of underground garages will have to be built. The former premises of the cycling stadium have been assigned for this purpose. Since we will use the underground premises only, the chance of using premises above ground and of developing a park for inhabitants as a full-valued public premises is open to us. The challenge was not only to fi nd the most suitable, but also the most appropriate and viable solution. The Tehelné pole Open Air Swimming Pool is also part of the land to be dealt with; it will be, of course, aff ected by the proposed changes and it is thus a natural part of the territory to be dealt with. Park arrangements and the space as such are only used seasonally and we would like to change this by adding some yearlong sport-relaxation activities.


When we have the situation defi ned as described above, we prepared the basic philosophy. “Through senses, by means of elements.” The park is off ering direct contact with nature and with people (rarer and rarer) in a mediated city world. The roof above underground garages (current Cycling Stadium) becomes a park in the busy urban space. In our proposal the park invokes a mental, physical dialogue between humans and their environment in the interaction with the facilities and with other people. The park should become a green sponge attracting people from neighbouring stadiums (Winter Stadium, NTC, Slovan). The proposal includes the Tehelné pole integrated swimming pool, which should be maintained, but which should start operation throughout the year. We are thus trying to fi nd a viable form to the proposed park.


In order to have more extensive facilities and better administration, we defi ne and divide the space into closed and open parts. We create the intimacy of particular environments and reduce traffi c impacts by terrain modulation (sunk road and its overarching by a green footbridge, green walls).

Human beings in the city are looking for sport
Tehelné pole Park

After formulating our ideas in this way we were trying to develop a universal access code to the problems of current city parks. The basic principles are created on a general level of applicability, so they are also applicable in diff erent situations.

  • Author: Atelier Fischer
  • Dušan Fischer, Matej Brzý, Viktor Fuček, Richard Koseček, Michal Valúšek, Jan Jacko, Zoran Samoľ, Mojmír Východil
  • www.fischers.sk