Main Square

Idea description:

The main idea of this proposal is a visual-solitaire-design installation to recover the public space of the Main Square, especially in the period from spring to autumn. Of particular interest in this period is the conjunction with other events which are usually held in summer, spring or autumn (DAAD, Cultural Summer / concerts / performances, Days of arts and crafts etc.) It is to be an installation of solitaries / lamps hanging from a grid of steel wires (6 poles along two longitudinal sides of the square, total of 12). The number of solitaires is 10 per pair of poles, total of 60. The shape and color is evident from the picture. The shade is made of waterproof material. The solitaires form a visual spatial composition during the day. This is complemented by a light effect with adjustable colors according to the proposed program in the evening and at night.