Mobile children box

Idea description:

The children’s playground at Budkova street (which translates as the Booth Street) has left many adults with memories of scratched knees or sand castles. Over the last 10 years, however, this potentially-lucrative piece of land has deteriorated and some local interest groups seem to be planning to use this large space in a manner not beneficial for the public. Opposite the playground there are some lower apartment houses. The children living nearby can go play in the nearby schoolyard or watch goats in the nearby Horsky Park facilities. The playground is a place to play, relax and, last but not least, for the local community to mingle. The neighborhood lacks a public space for casual encounters and conversation. Our proposal includes a space for domestic animals the children usually do not have a chance to meet. There should be a dog fence at the entrance, where the animals may wait for their little friends. Our proposal also suggests renovating the former playground structures. In case the owners decide to use the space for other purposes, all the equipment elements would be low cost and could be easily disassembled.

  • Ing. Martin Kováčik, Mgr. Mária Chudíková, Ing. Martin Supuka