The Colors of the Bratislava Architecture

Idea description:

The question of color use on residential buildings may be considered a general problem worthy of public discussion. How can the wider public be encouraged to evaluate or re-evaluate their views?

Our proposal suggests a movable intervention, to be set up in public areas within individual neighborhoods of Bratislava. It features a portable object – a cube – 2.5×2.5×2.5m, whose sides would offer interactive, educational ways to explore the possible colors and their impact. The project-object should serve as a catalyst for the ideas, comments and visions of the residents regarding color use in public space in general and the facades in particular. The aim is to attract all sorts of people of different age groups and to discuss the current state of affairs as well as possible visions for the future.

Unless the general public opinion changes and awareness of responsibility increases, the way our towns look will stay the same. This will be a long-term process, of course, yet the first step needs to be done.