Bratislava Cross Cycle Trail

Idea description:

The world today provides examples of overhead pedestrian routes in built-up areas of the city, the latest tunnel for pedestrians and cyclists in London. Bratislava does not have millions of Euros to spare, but we can afford at least the idea of cross cycle trail. –the motion of bike and walking trails in the direction South (Danube) – North (marketplace on the the Central Marketplace) has a length of 2,055 meters. The central part of the trail passes along the Twin City and the BBC – about 760 meters, southern part of 625 meters, northern part of 670 meters. The trail must cross several intersections, therefore, it is proposed to the ground, and partially as the suspension structure. The first part from the Danube has a bridge over Pribinova street and Landererova street (400 m). The central part of the trail is on the ground (230 m).

Liberation of public space from cars is a part of successful Project of the aerial cross cycle trail. Besides Karadzic street there are at least two garages – Unit 1 between Zahradnicka and Kocelova street, Unit 2 territory in Kuliskova street extension. Cycle trail should be supplemented by a new tram route. Crossing of the trails occurs on a small, congested downtown area. The new circuit should start at  afarik square – Landererova street, Kosicka street.

  • Ing. arch. Peter Žalman