Structure of nature – Desire of ­systematization natural forms

Glass in an open space

Idea description:

Nowadays more and more we tried to streamline the nature. In parking places near supermarkets parks and so on. So this natural objects become more and more plastic. And you look on them not more like at nature, but only as on new lamp or metal construction, everything is becoming more and more geometric shape. I was inspired by this urbanistic view of nature. Decision to create the glass construction that will be remaining structured forest was the main idea. I create my installation on traffic roundabout near the shop of Bratislava. This glass structure may collect water as well as living plants. So why do not we replace all the green areas with artificial forms? We so inside of our lives and so committed to order them, that also want to streamline nature. This remaining can be viewed from two sides: or we will move to a fully plastic and non-living forms. (in an urban area may not be so bad.), or tends to stop order in natural stands. This work can be considered as an instant reaction to the urban space and working with him.