Bratislava pathways

Idea description:

Our city does not have a concept or idea of ​​urban surfaces and the maintenance and inventive designers, investors, and even city officials abound from behind every curb. The result is a diverse range of sidewalks where granite curb meets basalt blocks and catalog products such as Haka, Antico, Klasico to popular Universal. Everything is carefully filled with concrete or high quality asphalt. It is now time to implement a clear and comprehensive solution,  the ideal for a public architectural-urban competition, which will lead to a more ambitious outcome than the current collage of products from the catalog “concrete ideas”. The Utopia of a single concept of urban surface is not unrealistic in the long term perspective. It would be enough if each developer, including the city council, complies with the principles set up in advance and should not choose the “one step forward and two steps back” way. Until then, we have for all people interested in free creation, a memory game of urban surfaces shot at a walk around town thinking of the Urban interventions topic.