Bike corridor – Radlinského Street

Idea description:

Radlinskeho street is located near the centre of Bratislava. It has a strategic position – it connects the Old Town and New Town; crosses important streets of major institutions and, in particular, interconnects the Slovak Technical University campus with dormitories on Wilson street and Juraj Hronec dormitories. At present, however, it is very dangerous for students to use a bike as a means of transport to go to school. Radlinskeho street does not provide suitable conditions even for pedestrians; sidewalks in many places are narrowed or completely absent. The entire length of the street (which is almost 1 km!) lacks space and open areas. Florian square with Blumental church currently has more traffic than walking.. Parking, chaotic traffic lanes and uneven terrain does not allow local residents or visitors to enjoy a amazing space formed by historical buildings.

  • Author: Študentský parlament FA STU v spolupráci s FA STU, Cyklokoalícia, Ynet
  • Ing. arch. Katarína Smatanová, M.A., Ing. arch. Zuzana Žúžiová, PhD., Patrik Bartas, Oto Nováček, Miroslava Argalášová, Michal Hajduk, Tomáš Pozdech, Viktor Kasala, Lucia Uhrínová, Kristína Machajová, Lucia Barančoková, Zuzana Rusková, Alexandra Müllerová, Marek Trebuľa