Idea description:

The Pankúchova 4 Elementary School is the largest school in Petržalka. Its pupils use the schoolyard area during school hours, they spend daybreaks there and use it for physical activities on a daily basis during the time spent in a school club. The area is covered by grass and concrete.

The project aims at supporting the education and physical activities of pupils during school hours and in the afternoon. We want to support activities, community life of parents and citizens around the school. We would like to create a space in which pupils move safely, a space that would be actively used for training and for physical activities. We would like to place trunks of cut and treated trees into the area to create various obstacles to movement, natural children’s playground, benches and other seating used for teaching outdoors. It is necessary to remove concrete paving and replace it with a grassy surface. We’d like to plant some trees creating a natural shade in summer. With assistance of pupils’ parents we want to make the public join our activities.