Please, Tomorrow Take It Down

  • Please,Tomorrow Take It Down

Idea description:

“…Life consists of particular rare, extremely important moments and many, many intervals, during which we are, in the best case, haunted by chimeras of those moments. Love, spring, each beautiful melody, mountain, Moon, sea – all of these things talk to our heart just once: if they ever fully come to word. Many people won’t ever experience such moments and they will only assume the role of intervals and pauses in the real symphony of life…”

We are living in a hybrid fl uid of what is desired, accepted, wanted or unwanted…, real and digital. We are absorbing the procedures of globalization as well as rapidly changing visual coding. We adopt features of new media, while walking, we extend – compress, what we see. We tend to exist in a similar manner in our 3D every day world too, just as if it was the final product of a temporary arrangement, of a compromise. We are (or we are not) confronting the global status with our responsibility for one’s own awareness, history, values. The phenomenon of strange interactions between the local and the universal, which destabilize and test our overall level of culture, morals…, provincialism, smallness. We are fi nding out that we willingly make mistakes in
significant social issues. 20. 10. 2008 A commercial promotional billboard at the bridge facade (icon of Slovak architecture) Slovak National Gallery (a top national art historical, antiquarian, science research and cultural educational institution), in front of which we can see classic of Slovak visual art of the 19th century, national resurrection artist
Peter Michal Bohúň.
Tomorrow take it down.

  • Author: bartko&bartko
  • Laco Bartko, Tomáš Bartko