Trnavske myto square

Idea description:

A boundary of three town districts, a traffic junction, the crossroads of directions and opinions… A place lacking a distinct face, a homogenous urbanistic expression. There are unfinished ideas of architects and self-confident solutions lacking in consequentiality. This is Trnavske myto square.Our proposal preserves the original architectural space, yet opens it up for the general public. It intends to make the space more suitable for humans, create new functional areas, areas with concepts and new views, maintaining and sustaining the genius loci. A new Trnavske myto square.

The massive open plaza in front of the Istropolis building is a purposeless space. Defining functional and green spaces would create an interesting leisure time zone. The possibility of individual adjustment of the spaces for small events would bring added value and a new perspective to the otherwise unused area.

The Trznica market, by the architect Matusik, is a timeless piece. The building displays a confident urban facade above a lifted parterre, suppressing, however, the market principle – natural growth and communication with the people and the environment. In our proposal, this isolation is to be solved by lifting the original parking niveau up to the level of the Trznica market first floor (i.e. by approximately 2m). Thus, a plateau, accessible on both sides by barrier-free access ramps, would be created. A new space usable for different functions would be supported by the open parterre of the Trznica. The original parking lot would be substituted by a new parking area under the Trznica and the new plateau.

  • Author: Ateliér Lucia a Adam
  • Lucia Klúčovská, Adam Macejko