Calming down transportation at the Mariánska tram stop

Idea description:

A kindergarten, mothers with children, child doctors, a bike track, a parking lot, a roadway, a chaotic junction, passengers getting on and off, a restricted passage, a collision point of the street, a rail and pedestrian crossing, an unattended tram tack, police headquarters. All of this is concentrated in a single pedestrian area on Spitalska street. Our proposal enables the car traffic passage across the tram track, which would reduce the parking lot communication traffic and open up a safe space for non-motorized traffic. In this manner, the access way, which includes the original parking area, becomes a tram stop. The role of physical barrier between the current island stop and the sidewalk, after its removal, will be visually taken over by the present cycling path. The conflict between the omnipresent passengers and the speeding cars will be eliminated. The need to set off the stop in a way it is done now has been gradually discontinued. So we suggest distinguishing the stop only by the use of particular materials, letting it become a part of an elevated platform of the access road to the parking area.

  • Author: ateliér dzamba s. r. o.
  • Viktória Fuhrmannová, Veronika Goldsteinová, Adam Dzamba