Židovská Rest Plateau

Idea description:

Bridging the Staromestská Street is an old topic in Bratislava. An important route for the city radically divides the territory of the historic centre, and although the conservationists appreciate the significantly exposed city walls and the existing footprint of the original moat, the division is one of the traumas of our city. After several attempts to build up this area at the level of architectural or urban studies and visions, we came to the conclusion that it is possible to build in space so that investments return back to a private developer.

It is clear that if we want to do something with this cut, initiative must be taken by the city, creating a something with added value exceeding the financial gain of an individual, something beneficial for all residents. The “profit” would be in a better use of opportunities and culture of the city.

In the first phase, we suggest bridging over Staromestská Street using affordable precast concrete systems of 21.5 meters in width and create a green plateau covered with grass that could serve as a clearway of city walls as well as a comfortable relaxing area in the city and the Židovská Street.

  • Author: Vallo Sadovsky Architects
  • Matúš Vallo, Oliver Sadovský, Branislav Husárik, Peter Janeček, Tomáš Bartko, Silvia Rosíková, Mateja Vonkomerová, Marcel Vadík, Viliam Zajíček, Michal Hajduk
  • www.vallosadovsky.sk