ABBA – Research and draft ­orientation system for public ­transport in Bratislava

Idea description:

AB-BA project is a comprehensive analysis and new draft orientation system for public transport in Bratislava. I was dealing with the issue through a landmark plan, which is currently chaotic, without systematic thought and thus unusable. At first, it was necessary to collect amounts of data and analyze the current situation for the design of new guidance system. I examined the individual elements of guidance — connections, stops, directions — relative to the movement of the user and context of the city (districts, landmarks, etc.).

Using the new hierarchy of routes and junctions, designation of five basic parts (A, B, C, D, E), modular grid and black and white visualization I managed to explore and record variable relations of urban transport network. The result is a series of maps corresponding to different user needs. There is e.g. a tourist map with major connections and stops near attractions, local maps providing important information in the area itself, a diagram with the fastest connections between areas etc. The project can be a good example of how it is possible to start from the ground up to solve difficult and complex issues of visual systems in the area of the city. In such a way, it is possible to create a communication concept that becomes user-transparent and uniform in order to define further orientation applications (stops marking, information displays, etc.).