Pigeon tango

Idea description:

Pigeons are flying “guano” factories. It is evident that the pigeons dropping pollution are a problem in our town. We shall not turn a blind eye to the fact that this issue has long remained unaddressed and underestimated. With just a little effort, the cohabitation of humans and birds might be less painful and mutually beneficial. Instead of hindering bird nesting and roofing, let us make them a part of our town scenery. We shall be rewarded. Our proposed concept intends to show respect to those who came here before us. Quid pro quo. We will build dove houses for you and you will supply us with your feces. The bird waste will be utilized for fertilizing urban green spaces. This form of collaboration may considerably simplify many things. Nesting birds having their own houses will drop their waste in one place and not all over the town. Such concentrated droppings are easier to remove, resulting in a more hygienic city environment.