Let’s return water to the Liberty Square fountain

Idea description:

Let us bring back water into the fountain at the Namestie Sslobody (Freedom Square)square. This square, also called “Gotko”, is known to us as a generously spacious square with a beautiful stainless steel fountain, as we have known it. There would be nothing to add, but for the last 35 years of ignorance of neglect of the area by the municipal authorities. Unfortunately, we have been witnessing the gradual deterioration of this monumental public space in the heart of Bratislava happening before our very eyes. The square has it all. It is endowed withencloses a large sufficient area, of grassedy spaces with grown trees offering enough shade, urban equipment of good quality, as well as a stunning, 12-ton stainless steel fountain. Therefore, my proposal forof an urban intervention is very simple. Let us renovate the square, run the fountain and never let this space run down again. No large gesture or one-off intervention can substitute for everyday care of the city. My objective is to point out the evident practice of the towncity managementadministration’s evident practice of letting our common property decay in order to find excuses for a subsequent privatizingation.

  • Author: Miesta Mesta – Bratislava Budúcnosti
  • Mrg. art. Adam Berka
  • www.82.sk