Art Street Zamocka Street

Idea description:

Remote history

Ancient route linking the continuous ring of settlements around the Castle. Later on, the route leveled off as the main access to the castle. The extensive double sided building-up area of the street occurred in the 18th century.

Close history

After 1960, the State carelessly pulled down the extramural settlement and the vicinity of Zamocka street. This situation was followed by the concept of an architect, Ferdinand Milucky, a creation of a green base of the slope, and a park below the landmark of the Bratislava Castle.

Post-revolutionary present!!!

At the end of 2005, an infamous “new historic” build-up area in Zamocka street was completed. It is now mainly used for crossing and car parking. The street is not alive, services crash, parterre out of work, narrow paths, here and there a fly-away tourist goes that way with a map.

The Future ???

Creating a vibrant urban residential street with a predominant active parterre. Creating an artists street – ART STREET with stalls, attractions…. The Street should act as a pedestrian zone with a passable path. Germ of ART STREET is already there – shop of art needs Da Vinci, Palffy Palace, Art Hostel, cafes… to be supplemented by other ones.

  • Author: APROX architects
  • Ľubomír Mezovský, Branislav Groch, Peter Dolinajec, Marián Kriššák