Un.dead City

Our urban areas are extinct today. Where are we heading?

Idea description:

A strategy for the recovery of public spaces

The project suggests a five-step universal strategy necessary for the gradual revitalization of urban spaces in Bratislava that we see often empty and without temperament. It works with core public space and identifying existing barriers in it. The initial project was conceived in the area of the inner city – Ruzinov, which is in close connection to the settled historic center, currently having the greatest potential for development and being one of the most attractive areas of city life. By recovery of this critical location and widening acupuncture interventions, the strategy may evolve and naturally spread further through the users of urban spaces.

We put pedestrians-unfriendly traffic within the existing barriers, poor spacious green areas and other paved areas, poor quality chaotic and dilapidated buildings, lack of spot public spaces within walking distance, lack of valuable pedestrian connections supporting orientation and identification with space, weak solidarity and the indifference of population.