Weather-forecast sensitive lighting of UFO restaurant

Idea description:

The Most SNP bridge is one of the most prominent attractions of Bratislava. The sightseeing tower, in the form of the UFO restaurant, serves residents as well as city visitors as a quality restaurant and bar, offering an amazing view of the city. One more feature, potentially beneficial to the general public, could be added.

We propose to light the restaurant (the flying-saucer-like structure on the pylon top) with four different colours, depending on the weather forecast for the next day. Each colour would correspond to specific weather conditions:

- Yellow – mostly sunny weather

- Red – mostly windy weather

- Blue – mostly rainy

- Green – mostly cloudy/foggy

The restaurant roof shall be lit with 16 LED spotlights which can change colour. The spotlights will turn on in the evening together with the city public lights, with the colour always depending on the next day’s weather forecast. Instructions on which colour to use will come directly from a meteorological partner of the project via an online application.