How can taxis make Bratislava better

Call a taxi on the street

Idea description:

While in other cities it is common to call a taxi on the street with a simple gesture, in Bratislava this approach does not work and is almost punished by higher price for the taxi service. Customers often pay double price if they hop into a cab standing on the street compared to a regular fare when they order the taxi over by phone. Cancellation of this higher rate would give Brati-slava greater potential in taxi service use, which would also leave a better impression on tourists and foreigners visiting or living in the city. Clients would be able to choose the taxi service more impulsively and movement of cabs around the city would be more efficient. Taxi drivers would save time and get more clients. Customers could save time, money and they would feel like in a big city or like in a Hollywood movie.

What would the city get?
– The potential for greater use of the taxi services and relief in traffic
– Better impression and less fear among tourists and foreigners visiting or living in Bratislava
– more efficient movement of cabs around town