Redesign of car wheel boot

Idea description:

In Bratislava, for parking violations,  the local police tow your car or, in the best case, they place a wheel “boot” on your car.

In practice, however, it seems that you find your wheel with a piece of metal with sputtering paint and a poorly readable phone number that you call for the removal of the boot. A Notice of blocking vehicle is found behind the windshield wiper. It is an unpleasant piece of paper in A5 format that says, without proper graphic layout, in an incomprehensible legal manner, that your parking is incorrect.  A heading to the letter is absent; you do not know who blocked your car. The English translation for wrongly parked tourists is missing too. When it´s raining, a drenched and unreadable piece of paper is stuck behind the windshield wiper, because the notice is not put into a waterproof package. If the town can charge 60 € for improper parking, which is about 3 times more than in neighboring Austria, it should be done at least in a sophisticated manner.