Petrzalka Terrace Sports Center

Take the ball... to the terrace.

Idea description:

Along the whole length of the Petrzalka district from north to south, one finds the typical 12-floor apartment houses, each with a terrace. The original plans to transform these terraces into pedestrian zones failed and the terraces remain unutilized to this very day. The situation is also complicated by insufficient maintenance and the carelessness of some of the inhabitants who have been using the terraces and their apses as dustbins or public toilets.

The south terrace at Rovniankova Street, Petrzalka, house numbers 2 to 6, is unique. The 3000 square meters of huge free space used to host cycling, hockey-ball, football, and tennis matches, with an ice hockey rink in winter.

The proposed intervention comprises the revitalization of the terrace, shaping it into a multifunctional sport center including a tennis court, a ball game court, a children’s playground, a traffic playground, stands, benches and green spaces. This space could be transformed into and maintained as a sports and recreation area with a positive impact on young people and the surrounding environment.