Idea description:

The appearance of Obchodna Street has been changing over the last few years  with each new banner moving from bad to worse. Its development is uncoordinatead, marked with “aesthetics” of early capitalism, global fastfood restaurants and uncompleted plans of alternating regimes of the 20th century. The street is saturated with unnecessary information. Unregulated advertising space directly degrades the visual culture of one of the busiest streets of the city.

The proposal follows the induced discussion on the current state of the street. The city centre needs to define the rules of conduct of public advertising – the creation of public spaces manual.

Our solution is based on defining the basic rules that could govern the street. We define proportions, shape and placement of advertising. The orientation in the street is based on maps when entering the street, using natural indicative numbers of buildings. The street is ‘variable’ due to its architecture, and not by advertising.

  • Jakub Lysý, Tomáš Ružiak