NightFights – fight for your side

Idea description:

A game that can be played by passersby and passengers waiting for the bus under the SNP bridge every night. Players may play on the alien or human team. The aim of both aliens and mankind is to get the SNP bridge, a key location on Earth, under their control. In the evening and at night a black hole – a kind of temporary bridge between galaxies – opens up over the bridge for a few hours. This black hole is the only connection of our galaxy with the Sombrero Galaxy (also known as M104 or NGC 4594).

The player uses the smartphone screen to control the laser cannon, which shoots down enemy planes, or spacecraft, depending on which team he´s playing for. If the player manages to win the combat, his team gains a new position on the bridge. The goal is to gain all positions on the bridge, represented by colored lights in the ceiling. When no fight is taking place, the ceiling is dotted with two colors, while the predominance of one of the teams during a fight can be determined by the dominant light color.

Furthermore, the app has a feature for viewing upcoming bus departures with extra warnings to avoid missing the bus when playing NightFights.

It also allows a choice of one of the predefined light themes or even the creation of your own. Top themes will be included in the selection.